Landscape lighting for Spring

landscape 1Spring is around the corner, the ground has thawed and now is a perfect time to install landscape lighting to your home.  We are experts at designing and installing a customized outdoor lighting installation that will improve your outdoor spaces.  Walkways, patios, decks and outdoor features (trees, ponds, etc) will all benefit from additional lighting, making your home more inviting.  Increase your curb appeal, increase your security and safety, and create a wonderful ambiance with outdoor sconces, bollards, post lights and flood lighting.  We can assist in picking out fixtures to match your home and we can customize the installation to be manually switched, on a timer, or work with the light of day.  We are happy to set up a walk through appointment to discuss your ideas, we’ll provide a thoughtful and thorough estimate and then we’ll take it from there!  Get outside and enjoy the weather!

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