Benefits & Tips for Updating Your Home’s Electrical Panel

An electrical system is something that you rely on every day, but probably don’t think much about as long as it’s working the way it should. The problem is that electrical panels don’t always work appropriately, and it’s important for homeowners to know when is the right time to update the panel to avoid power outages and even potential hazards.


What is an Electrical Panel?


The electrical panel in your home is like the “heart” of your system, controlling all the signals that go through your electrical wiring. The electrical wiring, then, is like a circulatory system to carry all that electricity to where you need it in your home. Having an updated electrical panel ensures that everything in your home receives the exact amount of power it needs to operate successfully and safely.


Important Aspects of Updating the System


When you’re working on an electrical system update, the best option is to call an electrical contractor in Arlington, VA so you know the job is done correctly and you’re not at risk for any electrical issues. Other important steps in upgrading include:


  • Improving your electrical panel by bringing more power from the utility connections into your home
  • Replacing the existing breaker box and the meter so you can handle the additional power
  • Replacing older electrical panels that have become damaged or are now obsolete (especially for homes built more than 25 years ago)


The important thing to remember about upgrading an electrical panel is that it will not impact the wiring inside your home. If you have older wiring, you will need to upgrade that separately.


Reasons to Update Your Electrical System


It’s especially important that homeowners with older homes get an electrical contractor in the NOVA area to come and check their electrical system, because a system that is not functioning correctly could present a serious safety hazard to your family. If wires that were originally designed for just a few electrical items get overloaded, there is a danger that it could become overloaded and the heat could spark a fire. While circuit breakers are designed to trip when they become overloaded to avoid this problem, a loose connection could cause problems with that safety setting.


If your circuit breakers are tripping on a frequent basis, you notice that the lights dim when you turn on other appliances, or you need adapters and extension cords to create enough outlets for all your powered goods, it is probably time to upgrade. Call an electrician for home service Arlington, VA today.