4 Things to Check Before Hiring a Local Electrician

Whether you are experiencing frequent power outages or just have a problem with your home’s electricity, it’s important that you hire the right electrician to help you get it fixed. Electrical issues are not something you can ignore, and if you don’t fix them sooner than later they could pose serious hazards do your home and safety. If you’re planning to hire an electrical contractor in the NOVA area, here are four things you should check.

Current Education and Training

If your electrician learned about lighting and wiring only once when he or she first began the trade, that could mean they are going on information that is decades old, unless they just recently got their education. Make sure your electrical contractor in Vienna, VA is up to date on the latest techniques and trainings, keeps up with the National Electrical Code (updated every three years), and regularly attends continuing education courses.

Legitimately Licensed

Most states and local areas require an electrician to carry a current license in order to perform residential or commercial work. An electrician that doesn’t have a license is either out of date on his or her knowledge, trying to avoid things like paying taxes or getting in trouble with state licensing agencies, or just doesn’t have the appropriate knowledge to pass the requirements. In any of these cases, you want to avoid these contractors.

Properly Permitted

The power company and your county or city will generally require that a local electrician has a permit if they are doing significant rewiring, installation, or replacing the main electrical equipment for your home or business. A reputable contractor will always perform this step, and should also include it in the bid when they give you the quote, but you can check to make sure before you hire.

Warranties and Scope of Work

You can also inquire about what kind of warranty the Vienna electrician offers, and whether they will be performing the work themselves or if they plan to hire subcontractors. If it’s the latter, make sure you do your homework on the subcontractor so you don’t get stuck with poor quality work.

Hiring the right contractor for your electrical work is critical in ensuring that your home functions well, your power works the way it should, and it’s done safely.